About us

About us

The work of populus.eu community started in 2013 when a small group of students got together and discussed what was going on around them. The name, the logo, the structure, or the future of such a platform was not discussed at that time. When talking about the EU and its aims with a number of young people, it was surprising to see how little the EU projects itself to its citizens. Moreover, in the few years since 2013, the European Union has experienced multiple issues and its very purpose and existence is sometimes doubted. While there may be certain arguments criticizing the EU, these arguments cannot question the basic purpose of the European Union; the purpose on which the common European project was started 60 years ago.

The European Union was built on the values of freedom and security, to keep Europe away from the disaster brought by the two world wars. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the European project was given a chance to build bridges rather than walls and to expand eastward. The European Union still has the potential to be a neutral partner for all the countries around the world. In order to uphold the values that we hold dear, a discourse among the younger generations is needed to elaborate on the next steps and to look forward to the bright future.

Citizenship of the EU does not only offer us certain rights and obligations, but also an inner purpose that tends to be omitted in the current so-called “post-truth” society. This platform aims to build stronger Europe in worldwide geopolitical relations and to help the EU become a modern place to live. A place where all its citizens, regardless of their nationality, enjoy the benefits the common project gives them. A place where the similarities are cherished rather than differences are emphasised.

Strength comes from within and the values and virtues of populus.eu are mirrored in the meaning of “educare et integrare.” This platform brings a body of students and young professionals together for the same goal: to spread the benefits of the common project and to enhance its responsiveness to the European citizens and beyond. The future forward-looking principles will be embedded and explained rationally in the various topics ranging from liberal arts and law to renewable energy, space travel and artificial intelligence. Populus.eu will be more than just news or a blog. It will grow with the needs of the contributors and will provide the necessary platform for members from each EU member state to discuss any and all topics of interest.

The recent events in the European Union prove that its citizens are divided as to whether the EU should integrate and do more together, or whether it should stop integrating and concern itself simply with the free market. As the future generation of leaders, we shall not limit ourselves and we shall not avoid our responsibility. With the common resolve and determination to uphold and cherish the European values, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

What Robert Schuman said 60 years ago is even more relevant today. “Europe will not be built in a day, nor to an overall design; it will be built through practical achievements that first establish a sense of common purpose.”


The simple circle in the logo of populus.eu symbolises all the core values deeply embedded in the community of populus.eu: the desire to connect, integrate, to improve the information flow and most importantly – to provide an open and efficient network for development. The stars in the background signify our respect for the founders of the European Union and the need for a modern revival of their principles.


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Think about it again. If you really have what it takes to become a future leader please do let us know.


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