06 February 2018

Panel Discussion with VOLT Europa

Panel Discussion with VOLT Europa

Place: Canada Blanch room (COW 1.11), LSE European Institute, London, UK

Date: 07th February 2018

Time: 06:30 PM - 08:00 PM

Entry: First come, first served


Last term, Jonathan White of the European Institute asked: Will transnational political movements help democratise the European Union? On Wednesday, 7 Feb, the LSESU European Society explored this question with their special guests from Volt Europa, a brand-new, young and extremely fast growing European movement that seeks to revive the European spirit and aims high in wanting to enter the next EU elections in 2019. As the idea of a common European Union fades into darkness, such lively and interesting discussions on European activism are essential. It is always comforting to see a group of predominantly students and young professionals who understand and cherish the value of the European Union. To learn more about VOLT and why populus.eu supports them, take a look at this article:


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